10 Minute Skillet Enchiladas

Prep time: 10 minutes
Total time: 10 minutes

It’s’ true! You really can make stove-top enchiladas in just 10 minutes with this easy recipe! No rolling and no baking and with just a few basic ingredients, so you have more time for you!  😉

Watch our easy how-to video below or on YOUTUBE

•1 pouch Winking Girl! Red or Green Enchilada Sauce
• 1 lb ground beef
• 8 corn tortillas (cut into pieces)
• 2 cups grated cheese
• Cilantro and Winking Girl! Quick-a-mole (for garnish)

Add oil to a large skillet, bring up to medium-high heat.
Completely cook 1 lb ground beef (or protein of your choice).

Add pouch contents and 8 corn tortillas cut into pieces. Reduce heat, stir, and then simmer for 3 minutes.

Top with 2 cups grated cheese. Once melted, serve and add Quick-a-mole and other favorite toppings.

You’re so clever for choosing a scrumptious, yet super easy dinner. We DARE you to reward yourself with some YOU time!

serves about 4