The Winking Girl! Story

Daringly Delicious

dar·ing: audaciously bold in action or thought

“I want to inspire you to be just a little more daring. How can you turn it up a notch and take life by the horns? Go ahead, do it – I dare you!”
-Julie Nirvelli, Winking Girl! Foods Chief Executive Daredevil




The Very Early Days

 It was in the 90’s that Julie’s love for Mexican food was solidified. These women were her inspiration to make amazing, authentic food.





This special lady was the most influential in Julie’s cooking journey. Lula taught Julie how to make homemade flour tortillas, beans, rice and more. There were no recipes to follow… Julie just had to watch and learn!

Eventually Julie dared to bring her original green salsa to her friends’ gatherings. They were impressed with her creation and devoured the entire bowl immediately!





Daring to Craft a Passion into a Business

Julie started her company with 3 flavors of tomatillo salsas. She dared to start the only company on the market to exclusively manufacture green salsas, no reds. After selling at Farmer’s Markets with great success, the salsas were soon found in most local grocery stores in Colorado.



Winking Girl! Foods Today

Today, five flavors of Winking Girl! tomatillo salsas can be found in large chains and retailers in all 50 states.

In Summer 2016, four skillet sauces were introduced: Classic Taco, Red Enchilada, Green Enchilada and Fajita. All the sauces are designed to create ridiculously easy, outstanding, homemade meals that cook in just ten minutes, in just one pan. These quick and easy meals will help YOU spend less time in the kitchen so you have more time to be DARING!